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Ok, before we jump into the subject at hand, I want to reiterate my idea of simplicity when it comes to the information you’ll find here. The topics that are discussed have been deciphered in a way that I hope is relatable to the masses. My goal is that those interested in the subjects that surround Off Grid Living will learn a lot from spending just a little time here….Let’s get started!


Do It Yourself Hotwater Guide This term can have a couple different definitions, but simply put, Off Grid Living means that your home is not tied to the “electrical grid” (i.e. county supplied street power) for its main source of power. YES, this would mean that if your are living grid free, you are NOT receiving electric bills on a monthly basis and YES, this IS the way that over 200,000 Americans currently live with this number growing yearly. Are you eventually going to be one of these people?

In most cases, Off Grid Living is accomplished through a solar photovoltaic system, homemade wind turbines, or both. Did you know that in over 40 states if you have an off grid energy system (solar, wind, etc) powering your home and you create excess power, you can redirect this electricity back into the electrical grid that you used to draw power from any have the utility company PAY YOU for the power you’re supplying to the grid! Ok, go back and read that sentence again! Seriously, this isn’t some far fetched idea that only electrical engineers in retirement with a lot time and money on their hands take part in. This is something that the average homeowner can pursue. Is it easy to do you might be asking? Easier than you probably think, but as with all things of value, it WILL require some time and effort.

Did I just scare you? Don’t be. There are several do-it-yourself guides out there that take you step by step through venturing into the world of home solar and home wind power. And to my shocking discovery, most of these systems can be put together for under $200. This site reviews the most popular guides that are available today.

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