GREEN DIY ENERGY GUIDE Home Solar and Wind Energy Guide – GreenDIYenergy

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GreenDIYenergy is a comprehensive guide that contains clear instruction on how to build your own home solar and wind power system.  The guide will walk anyone through the necessary steps involved in the planning, material purchase, and final assembly of these units. GreenDIYenergy is a wise investment for anyone serious about alternative energy systems.

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ENERGY2GREENBOX Home Solar and Wind Energy Guide – Energy2Green

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Energy2Green covers all the bases when it comes to an instructional guide.  Simple, clear and thorough.  Not only is there instruction on building solar and wind power systems, but this guide contains guidelines for the preventative maintenance needed to keep these units in tip top shape.  Energy2Green is a well put together product that leaves no stone unturned.

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diyhw1 Solar Water Heater Guide – DIY Hotwater Guide

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DIYHotWater delivers exactly what the website says it will.  This guide is one of the most well written technical guides I’ve seen. The minute detail that the author uses to describe the various processes helps create a firm understanding of all the neccessary concepts for building a quality solar water heater.

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DIY Solar Water Heater Guide Solar Water Heater Guide – DIY Solar Water Heater

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DIY Solar Water Heater is a phenomenal guide.  If you’re looking to be thoroughly educated while learning how to properly construct a solar water heater then THIS IS YOUR GUIDE. Besides the clear instruction, the DIY Solar Water Heater author throws in some valuable  E-books as a bonus that are worth more than the cost of the guide itself.

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