Green DIY Energy GuideOk, before you go any further, if you’re still reading this and are getting even a little excited, there is something very important that you should know. The very first and most important step in your journey towards off grid living is to develop an energy conservation mindset. Now most likely, if you’re reading this article, you already have a bit of “green” in your lifestyle now. You probably already recycle, are power conscious, yell at your spouse/girlfriend when they leave the lights on after leaving a room, ok maybe not that, but you get the idea. Or may be you’re just the type of person that is interested in ways of saving money.. LONGTERM!


Hopefully you’ve realized that in order to take part in off grid living, you’ll need to have a system that creates MORE electricity than what you consume. It’s kind of like learning to live under a balanced financial budget. Consume less than you make. What a concept!  I’m going to close with a few basics on home solar power and homemade wind turbines. For more detailed explanation, there are several other articles on this site that go into greater detail.

To keep things simple, a home solar power system consists of a combination of solar panels, a solar power inverter and some storage batteries, usually deep cycle batteries.  Home wind power systems consist of the wind turbine itself, some storage batteries, and in most systems and  electrical inverter.  Solar panels simply put, convert sunlight into electricity. Wind turbines (aka. a windmill) convert wind energy into mechanical rotation via a turbine (propeller / fan / etc) which then drives an electrical generator. Ok, that was a mouthful, read that again if necessary.

In the case of either system, if less energy is being used than being produced, the excess energy is stored in the deep cycle batteries. These batteries are similar to a standard car battery except usually larger and systems usually have several. A solar power inverter is designed to take DC (direct current) electricity that’s generated by solar panels and convert it to AC (alternating current) which is used by our homes. In the case of homemade wind turbines, the generators can either create AC or DC electricity based on design. There is a benefit to having both of these systems working hand in hand, because when the sun isn’t shining, yet the wind is blowing, your grid free living system will still be producing power! Hooray!

Well, I hope this was time well spent and if you plan to stay or comeback for more, I would suggest checking out a couple of the product reviews. If anything, read through a few articles to further educate yourself on the various topics within the subject of Off Grid Living. IT JUST MAKES SENSE!

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