Green DIY EnergyBefore we dive into the subject of solar power kits, take a moment and imagine with me….


Let’s say that the television you watch each day was hooked to a cable that ran out to the street (cable) and the channels you got were your standard local channels and major networks. Every month, you get a bill in the mail from your local, friendly, neighborhood tv company that tallies up how many hours you watched your tv and charged you accordingly. You think nothing of it. I mean that’s what everyone is doing….aren’t they?


A week later you’re out walking the mutt in your local neighborhood and you look up on some guy’s roof and see some contraption that resembles a small fruit tree in the winter time with some missing branches. You think nothing of it, until a week later you see it again and your neighbor is out mowing his lawn, so you muster up the nerve to ask him, “Sir, what exactly is that on top of your roof?” He goes on to explain that it’s a TV antenna that he built himself and he no longer needs his TV to be connected to the street pole like he did for years and years. No more bills, but the same TV.  Enter Solar Power Kits.

Ok you know where I’m going with this by now I hope, but this scenario isn’t too far fetched when you get your mind around the concept of home solar power. Why continue to pay your electric bill month after month, year after year, for electricity that you could be producing day in and day out by a unit that you either buy or put together yourself for a fraction of the cost?. You do the work 1 time and you continue to reap the rewards of your labor in the form of clean energy for your home. Sound like a plan?


Ok, now that you’ve made up your mind to look into this idea, where do you start? The Internet is an obvious place, but you need to be careful especially if you’re going into this without much knowledge. There are lots of solar power kits, both pre fabricated and do it yourself type. Both are good and both have their respective, ideal customers. But what do you choose and how do you get a handle on what’s relevant and important when you’re researching? Start with blogs and forums. Hands down this is the best place to get a quick education as to what topics are important these days. Now don’t make this overkill, after all you want to get a system up and saving you money ASAP don’t you? Once you have a grasp on the important subjects and topics of the world of do it yourself solar kits, you’re ready to start digging into products themselves.

One decision to make from the get go is whether or not you’re going test your handy-man skills and take this project on yourself. I highly recommend the do it yourself route for solar power kits because very quickly you will find that there isn’t a whole lot to the actual work behind putting one of these together (see How To Build A Solar Panel). It will help you take ownership in the project, give you bragging rights, and who knows, you may be able to start a little business because you know your best buddy and all his friends are going to want to take on the electric company like you did.


Ok now that you’re game to get things started, you should be aware of a few rules that will be helpful in your research of do it yourself solar power kits:

-Be sure the product website clearly explains what you actually get with your purchase. Some will promise the world, but when you get down to where they are asking you for your credit card you still are unclear as to what you get.

-Look at the author or company promoting the product. Does it sound legit? Do they offer a money back guarantee? This is very important because the majority of the do it yourself solar power kits are typically illustrated guides with instructions on where to buy the actually materials for your project and step by step instructions on how to go about assembling the units. If you get into the project and realize that something is missing or it just begins to sound like something way over your head, you could call it quits and move onto one of the many other quality products out there. The best will offer a 60 day, no hassle money back guarantee.

-Don’t pay more than $75! In fact, most of the guides that are discussed on this site are less than $50. There really is no need to. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! The technology here is somewhat common knowledge just deciphered into the do it yourself terminology that most anyone can follow.

All in all, the guides that you’ll find out there will look pretty similar, but each author has a little different twist on certain parts of the projects. There are definitely some time saving tips and tricks that you’ll pull from each author or company putting the guide out. In fact, purchasing more than 1 guide wouldn’t be a waste of money because you can blend the two program instructions together and create a solid system that is very unique.

Now, you DO NOT NEED TO DO THAT! A single guide will be sufficient for a quality project. Start small, get something built and generating power, then decide on expanding your initial setup or trying a different set of plans for a new system.